Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

You’ll find portrait photography with me to be relaxing and fun. I like to have┬áportrait sessions at your home, or on location somewhere. We can, of course, use a studio if you prefer, but I am very aware that some people find a photography studio a bit intimidating and can’t relax and enjoy it as much. Baby portraits are usually best at home, where everything for the baby is readily available, and where they’ll be most comfortable.lifestyle portrait photography

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is what I specialise in. If you want to look natural and totally relaxed, I believe it’s best to get you to do something. For a family photo shoot, this could be as simple as having a walk at a local beauty spot. Or if you have young kids, just having a game of roly poly in the back garden. For individuals, I could get great portraits of you riding your bike, gardening, playing golf…. anything really.

Pet Portraits

When I take a pet portrait, my priority is to capture the animals character. I think a studio stifles this a bit, so I will always, where possible, photograph them in their own environment. I am very used to animals and can communicate well with them and gain their trust, which is very important in getting the pictures we want. You will find a gallery of pet portraits on our Action Portraits website.

Gift Vouchers

party photographyOur photography gift vouchers make ideal Christmas and Birthday presents. There are a few to choose from, all include a one hour photo session. These gift vouchers can be used for almost anything, such as

  • family portraits
  • baby portraits
  • party photography
  • pet portraits
  • motorbike photography
  • car photography
  • sports portraits
For more information, and to purchase gift vouchers on line, visit our dedicated portrait photography website.action portraits